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There are many NEWSPAPERS in PAKISTAN. Many of them issue their daily newspapers online. Online viewer-ship of these websites is increasing very dramatically. A Media Guide to Pakistani newspapers is essential and vital. Because many Pakistanis live abroad, and they want to know what is happing in Pakistan, furthermore the understanding and vision of the ordinary individuals in Pakistan is growing very fast about the politics, current affairs (world and domestic), economics, geo-economics, sports and entertainment. So it is obvious that they search for new information on the net, as it is the most rapidly growing information gate way.



These are the links to most famous English and Urdu newspapers in Pakistan.



Dawn Group



Famous Pakistani English-language newspaper.



Daily Express



Leading Urdu newspaper in the recent years, the only Pakistani newspaper which is published from 10 cities of Pakistan.



The News - International




English language Pakistani newspaper, it belongs to the Jang Group of Papers.



Daily Jang- Jang Group




News portal with both English and Urdu newspapers available.



Nawa-i-waqt Group




Leading Urdu Newspaper published from Lahore.



The Nation




Nation is English Newspaper and many Pakistanis read it regularly.



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The Complete List of Online Available Pakistani newspaper (Alphabetically).



The Complete List of Pakistani TV Channels (Alphabetically).

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