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Please suggest or submit any Newspaper / Magazine / TV Channel website or websites, you think suitable for our free online world media and press guide, which is freely accessible for the entire world. We are making it by region, by country and by categories wise. We need your help to suggest us quality and excellent websites. So our viewers enjoy and get maximum knowledge from it.


There are Four (4) categories in which you can submit / suggest your website.


1. Newspapers (Online / Printed)

2. Magazines (Online / Printed)

3. TV Channels (Website)

4. Any Media and Press (news/entertainment etc.) related Websites


These are the different region you can mention.


Online (Web based)

North America (USA only)

North America (excluding USA)

Central America

South America


United Kingdom


Middle East

Asia Pacific


South East Asia

South Pacific

West Indies


Sample Format:; region, country*, category, suggesting/submitting


*skip for web based




Suggesting or Submitting a website is very easy. You can suggest as many website as you like.


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